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About Me

My main passions are Music and Photography - I have been lucky enough to be able to combine the two.

I started off as a 'spotter' on DontStayIn.Com, taking pictures for free, for local nights and some Drum & Bass events handing out their cards to people. I quickly broke away from the free side of it as it's pretty unrewarding and now get commissioned to photograph events, and hand out my own cards, with my own website. (and also on Facebook)

The majority of my work consists of events in London.

My pictures have been perceived well in 'the scene', gaining me contacts within D&BArena, Metalheadz, Shogun Audio, WeFearSilence, Backlash Records, Eclectricity, GetDarker, Banquet Records and Genesis Nights - With my pictures being bought for use in their own advertisements, websites and flyers.

Promoter, nightclub owner or run your own events ? Get in touch!

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